Hi, I am YOGESH PARADE bsnl je 2016 topper of Maharashtra circle. Here I am writing as a guest blogger.
As there are only seven days remaining for mahagenco and mahatransco AE examination,I have some important tips for you
1)No need to panic. Seven days are enough if you put your mind to it. Dedication is the important key fellas.
2)Focus on content which is basic as well as important of respective subject from given syllabus.
Some important topics for Electronics & Telecommunication Engg. I am going to share below.
3)The questions asked in exam are regarding basic information of particular topic from the syllabus .
Eg.Q. What is atomic number of silicon?
So you have to be read lot of information about the particular topic, also make your own notes for it and refer it for revision.
4)Give equal importance to each section.Dont take nontechnicalĀ  section lightly. As technical multiple questions are simple, merit of exam may be totally based on this section. Practice non-technical daily at least for an hour.
Some important topics given below on which you should focus more –
A)Electronic Devices and Circuits-
1)Classification of material into Conductor,Semiconductor and Insulator . Difference between them.
2)Semiconductor Physics, Semiconductor Diodes, BJT, MOSFET.
B)Analog Electronics-
1)Parameters of Operational Amplifier, concept of negative and positive feedback
2)Application of Operational Amplifier as Inverting amplifier, Non inverting amplifier, Differential amplifier, Adder,Buffer,Differentiator, Integrator amplifier. It’s diagram and formulae.
C)Digital Electronics-
1)Number system. Conversion between Number system.
2)Logic gate.
3)Multiplexer,Demultiplexer,Flipflop, Counter,Shift Register.
4)Semiconductor Memberies and Analog to Digital converter, Digital to Analog converter.
D)Communication System -AM,FM,PM,PCM,DM
E)Microwave Engineering
1)Microwave Components and Devices,Travelling wave tube,Reflex klystron oscillator, Magnetron.
2)Tunnel diode, Gunn diode ,Varactor diode,Impatt diode,PIN diode, Hot carrier diode.
F)Electromagnetic Theory(formula and units are very important )
1)Electrostatic,Coulomb’s law,Ohm law,dDefinition of Power,Energy, Work. KVL and KCL.
2)Basic Magnetism ,Concept of Alternating voltage and current ,Form factor,Crest factor.
G)Control System-Concept of open and closed loop control system, components of control system.
H)Network theory
1)Terms related to network-Junction,node,loop,mesh,active network,passive network,supernode,supermesh etc.
2)Two Port Network Parameters-Z,Y,T,H parameter.Condition of symmetry andĀ  reciprocity.
I)Transmission Line-
1)Parameters of Transmission lines .
2)Condition for distortionless and minimum attenuation.
3)Concept VSWR and Reflection Coefficient and it’s formule.
Best luck !! Give your best.


Yogesh Suryawanshi-Parade · December 23, 2016 at 3:41 pm

welcome Ram Mehar!

Yogesh suryawanshi · December 23, 2016 at 12:13 pm

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Ram Mehar · December 23, 2016 at 7:15 am

Thanks for tips….

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